New York Cupcake Guide (Anglais)

Eric and I had the distinct pleasure to spend some time with the proprietors of Simplement D’Liche in Montreal the other day. We didn’t realize it was almost closing time when we arrived, but since that was the case, the owners had time to chat with us about their cupcakes and the Montreal cupcake market in general.

Their cupcakes were really quality and so delicious. We even took some to go and had them the next day, and they were still amazing! And definitely try their cappuccino – it was stellar!

We started off with their Dulce de Leche — a spongy white cake with a creamy caramel filling and “just sweet enough” dulce de leche frosting on top. Our favorite part of this one was the caramel filling – it made the cupcake!

Next was Apple — the overriding flavor of vanilla in this perfectly moist cake was what won us over. Add real chunks of apple and the subtle hint of apple cider and it was the exact flavors of grandma’s apple pie…a la mode, of course! This was Eric’s top pick!

We followed that up with Carrot — with big, obvious pieces of shaved carrots and chunks of walnuts, the cake was absolutely perfect. The cream cheese was creamy — not too sweet, not too sour – this was a homerun!

Peanut Butter Chocolate — this may have been my personal favorite. The chocolate chips keep the vanilla cake super moist, but since they aren’t fully melted, you still get their chunky texture. Top it with one of the best peanut butter frostings we’ve ever had, and you have a winner!

And last, but certainly not least, Triple Chocolate — this cupcake takes you on a journey. A dark chocolate mousse atop a dark chocolate cake, it guides you from a creamy, milk chocolate flavor to a dark, succulent cacao. I don’t know what voodoo treatment they gave this cake, but it’s seriously mind-blowing.

All-in-all, we are so glad we had the chance to stop by Simplement D’Liche while we were visiting Montreal, and we recommend you do the same if you’re in the area :)

Visit their website for phone/location/hours…

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