Wedding cakes

A gourmet experience for your wedding

We know that one of the most important moments of your wedding day is the cutting of the wedding cake, and the tasting! Our promise to you is to provide to you a cake that is second to none, ending your night with an epicurean delight. As good to look at as it is to taste, your cake will please all of your invites with its well balance flavors.

A wedding cake that meets your needs

At D Liche we are able to accommodate your needs. If your wedding is among close friends or in a large wedding hall we can design an appropriate sized cake. For your wedding, choose what you desire, not what others think you should. You can decide what you need avoiding waste and extra expenses.

Custom flavours to please everyone

It’s your wedding day and you’ve probably been dreaming and preparing about it for quite some time. In order to meet your high standards we have ready for you 50 flavors that you can choose. In addition, if you have a flavor that is special to you that we do not have in our repertoire, there is a possibility that we can produce it for you. Just discuss this when you come in for a visit. Our team will work with you to produce a unique creation that will meet your expectations. Almost everything can be customized so your limit is only your imagination.

A real cake that will please

A 100% genuine cake, made from scratch by hand, is the way that we do cakes. It is the way we feel that couples should celebrate such an event. We do no use cake mixes or any industrial processes. There are no assembly lines. We just use real ingredients like flour, butter and milk. This method allow us to create for you a cake that is genuinely exceptional.

As delicious as they are beautiful, we create for you the perfect cake.

The arrival and unveiling of your cake are part of the special moments of your reception. Before your guests have the chance to discover the amazing flavour of the cake that you have chosen, impress them with its design.

Our pastry chefs are not only great with baking but are also very talented artists. Their skills are at your service to make your ideas a reality. Whether you opt for an innovative design or something more traditional, even the smallest of details is possible. We can transform your vision of your wedding cake to reality by creating something that answers all of your needs.

According to your theme and colors of your wedding, we can create the cake of your dreams perfectly matched to your reception and ready to impress your guests.

Working together to make your dreams a reality.

We believe that much of the success of our creations resides with the exchange of ideas between you and D Liche.

If you already have an idea of what you want, we would be happy to discuss the concept you have in mind. You will be sure to find a friendly and attentive ear. For us, it’s the first and most important step in creating your masterpiece.

However, if you do not know how or where to start, please feel free to ask for an appointment with a consultant. Using this personalized service will allow our consultants to help guide you in determining a cake that is in line with your wedding theme and with your personality.

Of course, we also offer a tasting service. With this you can discover what are cakes are about and the quality that goes into each one. So, you can rest assured that your wedding cake will meet your high expectation once your day arrive.

Overwhelmed on the wedding day? No worries, we’ll take care of everything.

At D Liche we know that the day of your wedding can be one of the happiest days of your life. It can also one of the busiest! Hair and makeup, ballroom preparation, guest reception, all can make things seem quite hectic. To avoid having another task to worry about, let D Liche take care of delivery and set up of your cake. On top of the delivery we will take the care to display the cake as discussed or directed on site. If you would like to pick up the cake yourself we will be sure to package the cake to ensure that its beauty remains in tact.

We are here for you.

If you would like to learn more about our services or make an appointment with us please feel free to contact us. To make your life easier during this exciting and busy time we are available by phone, email, and of course in person at our shop. Take the first step towards your dream cake and contact us today!

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