Custom cakes

Custom cakes: Your dream is a possibility

Sophisticated, gourmet, and balanced with real flavors, our bakers and designers are there to make a cake that will scintillate your taste buds.

Create a memorable cake that will impress your family, guests, and colleagues with incredible design, impeccable execution, and amazing flavors.

Our competence at your disposal

Pastry chefs are used to making peoples’ mouths water, but here at D Liche we also make your eyes open wide!

Your creation can be fully customized to suit your needs. Take inspiration from your guests, any theme, or holiday – in the end it is your choice.

Why not take things a step further and create a 3 dimensional (3D) sculpted cake? That will surely impress your friends and loved ones.

A cake from D Liche will allow you to “wow” your guests upon first sight to the last bite.

The finest quality ingredients

Not only will you be impressing your guests upon first sight, they will also be delighted by their fist and last bite.

Only the best ingredients are used to ensure that we deliver the best to you.

Only pure unsalted butter is used, never any shortening, margarine, or pre-made icing from a factory.

The final result is due to a the direct efforts of our bakers and designers. Our cakes are entirely hand made from scratch, without industrial processes, assembly lines, or cake mixes. This allows us to control the quality 100%.

At D Liche we are convinced that only the selection of quality ingredients along with an experienced artisan baker with years of experience allows us to provide to you a memorable gourmet experience. It is this level of commitment that separates D Liche from the rest.

Let us take care of your needs

If your need to serve 10 or 500 people, we will be able to create the cake that you desire.

Almost any style of cake is possible. No matter what the design, we will be sure to make the cake look outstanding

Celebrate your event with a masterpiece

At D Liche we know that organizing an event that will impress your guests can be very challenging.

Contacting your guests, choosing a date and time, finding a place to get together – all of this work makes you the superhero of the day.

After so much work, you also deserve to relax and enjoy the festivities. That’s why we offer a turnkey service.

We can take care of the delivery leaving you time to take care of other important items or able to relax knowing that the cake is on its way. Once there we will also make sure that the cake is properly set up and secure.

If you prefer to pick up your cake, you can easily do so at our store located in the heart of the Plateau on St-Denis street. We will make sure that it it properly packed up for your transport and will stay in one piece.

Sit back, relax and let us take care of the cake!

Your mandate: relax and enjoy!

No mater what the occasion, when you choose a custom cake from D Liche you will be sure to impress your invite – even astound them!

For birthdays we can create a classic birthday theme or why not try something that your little one loves? We can make the cake with a superhero theme or a favorite cartoon. For the older and wiser how about a hobby-themed cake?

For baptisms, you can opt for designs as sweet to the taste as to the eye. Enough to charm your guests while creating delicious and precious early memories for baby.

Custom cakes are also a great idea for weddings. They can be used as an impressive centerpiece. Bring a touch of creativity to your ceremonies by creating the cake of your dreams.

Personalized cakes can also find their place in your corporate events. Celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and achievements with a cake that can take the form of your logo or the products you sell. What better way encourage team spirit!

Order now to resserve your customized cake.

If you have an idea for a custom cake, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 514-500-2505 or come and see us directly at the boutique on St-Denis street, the heart of Montreal.

Anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, corporate events, or any occasion, we are there to help guide you through the process.

Show your guests all your creativity and give a memorable flavor to your events by choosing a customized
D Lliche cake.

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