A wordwide culinary sensation now available in Montreal: discover the cronut!

It has been some time since the cronut was coveted as the pastry of the year. A delicious sweet gastronomic treat, this New York invention quickly became an undeniable international phenomenon. From American streets to luxurious hotels this pastry has been able to please almost everyone. Good news for you, if you’ve dreamed about tasting a cronut today, you can find them in Montreal at D Liche. Come by and see us, your cronuts are waiting!

What is a cronut?

What is a cronut? Maybe you’ve already guessed from its descriptive name. A cronut is an amazing hybrid between two well known pastries: the croissant and the donut. Delicate French puff pastry dough is carefully shaped in the form of a donut. It is then fried in a similar manner as a donut before being covered in royal icing and powdered sugar. Enough to whet your appetite? Wait, because that’s not all. The cronut is also filled with a decadent pastry cream. Enough to excite your taste buds!

Try our cronuts, 100% hand made in-house

At D Liche we always try to offer the best to our clients. It’s why we have chosen to manage every step of the process in-house to produce our famous cronuts. Our team uses their expert knowledge in bringing to fruition layered pastry dough that is both crispy and tasty. It’s by hand that we do this – you can taste the difference. To make your experience perfect to the last bite, it’s with the best ingredients that we make your cronuts.

Fresh ingredients, artisanal production, this is our secret for cronuts and in fact for all of our products. It allows us to please almost everyone.

Always fresh for your enjoyment

Because we always want to satisfy our customers, our cronuts are always fresh.

We are convinced that the quality of your experience is directly related to the freshness of our products. Just made, they are ready for you.

Also, if you are planning an event, or just want to ensure that there will be enough for you, you can place an order in advance by calling us at 514-500-2505. We will be sure to have them ready for you when you pass by. Or, we can also deliver them to you.

At D Liche you will not find old cronuts simply reheated. In any case, they don’t last long since they are

Guarantee your experience with a reservation

Our cronuts bring joy to almost everyone. With a recipe that is as exquisite as it is amazing, many have made the journey to cronut heaven. In New York, to this day, people still stand in line for hours waiting to buy a maximum of two. Even more unbelievable is the “black market” that sprung up in response to the long wait times. At a certain point, they were selling for $50 a piece.

At D Liche, we do not ask that much of you. We make an ample supply for the whole day so you do not have to wait for hours in line. However, do note that our cronuts are so tasty that we sometimes do run out. So, to be sure that you can get one of these coveted pastries, place a reservation by calling 514-500-2505.

If the reading of the description above has started to make you mouth water, it’s normal. If this pastry has had such a worldwide success, it’s because of its combination of the crispy yet melt-in-the-mouth texture, it is simply delicious. Come taste our products and add a new gourmet experience to your life.