Cake pops, a decadent bite of pleasure

If you like the sweeter side of life, you will love cake pops. Not familiar with these delicious
creations? Prepare to have you mouth tingling!

Cake pops are balls of cake (of varying flavors) mixed with icing which are then rolled into the
shape of a sphere. They are then placed on a stick so that you may be able to eat them in a
similar fashion to a lollipop. But, the fun hasn’t started yet, we then dip them in real chocolate
(dark, white, or milk) for an additional gourmet touch.

A real treat to discover either as a daily treat or at your celebrations. Combine a gourmet
experience with creativity in offering cake pops to your guests.

A hand-made treat ready for you guests

In our kitchen, our chefs use all of their culinary talents to ensure that each bite will bring you

As with our other creations, our cake pops are entirely made from scratch by hand. At D Liche
we guarantee our clients a product that is always fresh and delicious. This is why we never use
pre-made cake mix or commercially available icings.

In addition, we have chosen chocolate of the finest quality. We guarantee that you will notice
the difference with the first bite.

Our expertise is at your service

Like many of our delicious creations, cake pops can also be customized according to you needs.
Add a touch of personalization to your events.

In fact, cake pops are an opportunity to let your creative side show and impress your guests.

You can choose from several of our flavours. Why not create pops to represent the event you
are celebrating?

In terms of customization, creativity is your only limit! We can create unique cake pops that will
match perfectly with your events. You can also choose from a variety of styles and colors.

To entice your guests at first glance, choose cake pops in a unique style or even print an image
of your company or your loved ones on these fine treats.

Fun and delicious, original and colourful, delicate and refined, you guessed it: the most difficult
thing to do now is to choose from all the cake pop possibilities at your fingertips.

Cake pops – the dessert that can keep on giving

Once your event has ended, have your guests continue to enjoy the memories. Cake pops make
an excellent choice as parting gifts.

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, even corporate events, no matter what the occasion cake
pops will always be well-received gifts, ensuring fond memories.

If you choose these gourmet treats, we will help take care to wrap and package them so that
your guests will be able to bring them home easily.

Ready, set, order, (and taste)!

Do you feel ready to delight and impress your guests? We are here for you.

Come see us at the store and discover what can be done with cake pops. Are you pressed for
time or are motivated to create your cake pops? Let’s talk about it ASAP. You can call us at

Don’t know what to choose from the customization options and choices of flavours? Come chat
with our team of experts. Our pastry chefs will help you create cake pops that will perfectly
match the theme of your event that will delight your guests.