Exceptional cookies for your well deserved enjoyment

Crispy and soft, sweet but not syrupy, flavourful but not greasy. Finding the perfect cookie is
not as easy as it seems. No need to look any further, D Liche can create cookies that will
impress with both style and taste.

Our cookies are tender, melt-in-your-mouth, while still being crispy. They will satisfy your
gourmet cravings when alone, with friends, or loved ones.

They are a real gastronomic treat waiting for you to take home or serve at your events.

Spoil yourself, you deserve the best!

Cookies are part of the little pleasures in life that have the ability to perk up any moment of
your day. Not only can they satisfy your sweet tooth but they can also be comforting and decadent break.

To enjoy these precious moments why not choose the best? At D Liche we have developed
cookies that will temp and satisfy the taste buds of almost all food lovers.

Once you have tasted our amazing cookies they will not have you craving for commercial store-
bought ones or even your mother’s! Don’t believe us? Drop by our store to try some. We
guarantee that one bite will be enough to convince you.

Add a touch of originality to your table.

Our cookies are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste. If you want to delight your
guests with a touch of sophistication or offer a gourmet gift to someone close to you, we have
the cookie for you.

Our cookies can be made in the theme of your desires: cartoon animals, real images, artistic
interpretations…Our gourmet cookies will be a good fit no matter what the theme of your
event. Our only limit is your imagination, so bring us your ideas!

Not only are personalized cookies great for family and friends, they also please the palates of
your employees and business associates for your corporate events. We would be happy to
reproduce your company logo on a cookie or decorate the cookies with your company colors.

Taste the artisanal difference.

To make sure that you enjoy your cookie until the last crumb, it’s with great care that we
manage all production steps in-house.

At D Liche, you have the assurance that your cookies are entirely prepared by our chefs on site.
There are no industrial ingredients, premixed flours or assembly lines. Our selection of quality
ingredients is all hand processed.

We are convinced that the quality of your experience is directly related to the freshness of our products.
Just made, they are ready for you.

With your first bite you can taste the difference. No chemical aftertaste, we guarantee that you
will taste the freshness of each ingredient for a pleasure you will remember.

Fresh ingredients, transformed by artisanal bakers for a gourmet pleasure

At D Liche we want all of our customers to leave our bakery with a smile on their face and their
salivary glands working overtime. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and it’s why
we try our hardest to please your gourmet desires.

To guarantee you an out-of- the-ordinary gastronomic experience, we always pay careful
attention to choose quality ingredients.

Fresh ingredients, transformed by artisanal bakers for a gourmet pleasure

Our cookies please everyone from little ones to adults looking for a moment of pleasure.
Thanks to the recipes created in-house our cookies will delight everyone’s palate.

Our cookies are available all day long so pass by to come taste them in shop. If you want to
impress your colleagues you can call in advance and we can have a box ready for you to leave
with. Spreading joy has never been easier!